Autumn in the Colorado Rockies
8/21 through 10/10/06

We return to our mountains in the central Colorado Rockies, once again landing at Williams Fork Reservoir for a week before moving up the mountain to hunting camp. 

Muzzleloading season is here.  Joining us at camp in the Routt National Forest is our son Marcus, John May, our nephew, Mike Matthews and Mike Ross, both cousins of JoEllen, and Steve and Harold Gumm, Steve works with Marc and John.  Everyone but us have tags for deer and/or elk.


The changing of the aspen trees is an incredible sight to behold.  We arrived with the leaves in full green, and watched them change to the beautiful colors of fall.  We even got a chance to bring up David's ATV out of storage and ride around the peaks and valleys of this fantastic area.  September is a wonderful time to laze in the high country.



We had a frozen water line for a couple of days, while nature gave us a genuine blizzard, but for the most part, a very nice stay.





Mike Ross came all the way from Iowa to bag his first Mule Deer and had success, bagging a very nice specimen to return home with.


(Any similarity to the antler size of this deer is bogus.....not the actual deer, sorry Mike!)




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