Quartzsite, Arizona
11/9/06 through 3/17/07

December full moon rising over the Plomosa Mountains

What can one say about a place that attracts thousands of campers and RVers attempting to hide from the cold and snow of our home states.  Life in the desert is strange, but living in Quartzsite is just plain weird!  Q is filled with music, square dancing, gem and rock shows, RV shows, auctions, flea markets, ultralight aircraft, crafting, reading, metal detecting and gold mining as well as a host of all kinds of activities. 







One of the dozen or so swap lots, Q Mountain in left background.


This place is either a shoppers paradise or a shoppers nightmare.  Anything can be found in the many flea markets from rocks and minerals to tractors.  Tanned animal skins and dinosaurs. Most vendors park their RV's and set up their store onsite under tents and tarps.










Here in the LaPosa BLM Long Term Visitor Area, there is a "Birds of a Feather Group" of The Escapees RV Club involved in their favorite activity as well. The "Magic Circle" is a nudist camp in the desert!

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Quartzsite Gold

David spends his days mining for gold. This is his new drywasher. It works by blowing air up through the soil that moves over the top of the riffle tray, losing the lighter soils and keeping the heavy soils and the gold. He has also found two nuggets with his metal detector.


David needs to fill this bottle for one troy ounce of AU!


One of the preferred activities by some here is "dumpster diving" for the cans and plastic bottles, as California pays $1.24 per pound for aluminum.

Gold really is where you find it!




If one is not careful, one will pay way too much for a little bit of hot italian sausage, made at the butcher located in the Quartzsite General Store.  (This package was really bought for under $4)  The sausage is delicious, as well as the brats, also made here.




Quartzsite Wildlife



















Just a few of the many birds and animals we have had visit at out home in the desert.  Turtle Doves, Gila Woodpeckers, Sparrows, Verdins, Roadrunners, Hummingbirds, Coyotes, Gambel Quails, Finches, Western Bluebirds and Antelope Squirrels.  


American Veterans' Traveling Tribute

The Tribute includes the 4/5 replica of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall located at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C., as well as an art exhibit by Norm Bergsma, Vietnam Veteran, and the new Cost of Freedom Exhibit. There is one panel that holds the names of everyone who perished in the events of 9/11, and several more that have gold dog tags holding the names of the veterans who have perished since Vietnam, including Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. David was classified as 4F, and did not go to Vietnam, but the names on the wall still evoke memories of the many thousands who gave their all for their country. This exhibit stayed at the Q town park for almost a month.

We all need to pray for world peace. There are too many names honored now, ask God that no more names need to be added.


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