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~Tuesday April 3, 2012~ 

     We are now located near Fowlerton, Texas on our second gate as a contractor with Gate Guard Services. This oil well is almost done, so we only expect to be here a week or two. We arrived here Sunday to relieve a couple starting their trip home to Bullhead City, AZ. No vehicles came by Sunday and this is a daytime only operation, David can utilize the sleep number bed instead of the couch waiting for trucks all night. The fracing and coiled tubing is completed at this site, just trying to get the wells into production now.

Toby the Cat       This ranch is really in the middle of nowhere, TX. We are at least 5 miles to pavement, then another hour to a grocery store. Nights are quite and thousands of butterflys skim over the brush all around us. Everyone coming through the gate warns us of the buzztails that are about but so far, we have not seen the critters. We do have a roadrunner that stays around the camp and hoping for a decent picture sometime to post.

      This has been a sad week for JoEllen and David. Toby, our traveling companion, has left us to join our other fur children. He has not been well for a while and it was sad to watch his slow decline. Cancer has claimed our friend, we will miss him. Goodbye Toby!

     Our Great Yellowstone MisAdventures continue at our Latest Great MisAdventures webpage. David might just get caught up soon and post about the fall MisAdventure managing pumpkin and Christmas tree lots in southern Arizona and continuing on to the Lone Star State.

     Our Yellowstone National Park MisAdventures can be found on our Great Yellowstone MisAdventures webpage.

     The National Debt Clock in the right column is posted to get you involved with the crisis our Great Country is facing. This is an election year, please register and vote in this important American Presidential Contest. Something to think about.....

     Join us in our journey and visit The Great Ongoing MisAdventure Page for the most recent news & photos from The Great MisAdventure.

     JoEllen keeps a blogsite as well. Click here to visit BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS Blog.

     Feel free to Email David when he dosen't update soon enough or with any comments or suggestions, how you like the new photo galleries or to let him know what you want to see posted here, or just say hi! Emails are welcome.

~Next up~
      Gate Guards R Us for a while. June will see us in Colorado for niece Julie's wedding celebration. Who knows what MisAdventures will await us after then.


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