Eastward moves the Misadventures!

Enjoying the Margaritas in Algodones Mexico

Another day in Algodones Mexico

We left Quartzsite Sunday March 18 and traveled to Yuma Arizona for a couple of days of shopping and a visit to Algodones Mexico. Yuma has most of the stores we needed, Sam's Club, Wal*Mart, JoAnns Fabrics, and a Big O Tire shop for an oil change in the Mighty 350. David bought new eyewear in Mexico, and smoked a Cuban Cigar as well as drinking the excellent Margaritas!

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Kubla Kahn Formation

We then traveled to Benson, Arizona to visit Kartchner Caverns. This is our 2nd visit to this fine cave and by far, this is the best caving experience we have ever experienced. Shown here is the Kubla Kahn, a massive column and the highlight of the Rotunda and Throne Room tour that we went on this time.  

Formations within Kartchner Caverns

Las Cruces, New Mexico
3/28 through 3/31/07

Organ Mountain Range east of Las Cruces, New Mexico

We spent six nights at Rockhound State Park in Deming, New Mexico, then moved to Leasburg Dam State Park in Radium Springs, New Mexico. This is a location 15 miles north of Las Cruces and only a short hop to the west Texas town of El Paso.

A visit to Las Cruces includes a meal of the finest Mexican Food we have ever eaten at La Posta in Old Mesilla. There is also a used bookstore, COAS My Bookstore, that is a must see while in the area as well.  

Palo Dura Canyon State Park, Texas
4/2 and 4/3/07

Lighthouse Formation, an easy 7 mile roundtrip hike


On our first overnight visit to the great state of Texas, we land just south of Amarillo at this state park. Palo Duro Canyon is 120 miles long and 800 feet deep and is the second largest canyon in the US. The canyon was formed less than one million years ago when the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River first carved its way through the Southern High Plains.

We enjoy the hiking and wildlife here, and spend several days soaking up the warm Texas sun.

Rio Grande Turkeys were all around the camp in the mornings and evenings, walking within a couple feet of us. Toby the cat didn't quite know what these strange birds were. The beautiful Cardinals were also playing at camp adding to this great landscape.  

Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Missouri
4/7 through 4/11/07

After spending a couple of nights at free Indian Casino RV Parks in Oklahoma, we visited Springfield, Missouri and spend a night in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot. David bought a global positioning unit (GPS) and enjoyed a excellent birthday dinner at Hemingway's Blue Water Cafe located inside. We then traveled to the Lake of the Ozarks Missouri State Park. This is a beautiful area and although slightly cold for us Snowbirds, we enjoy more hiking and a little exploring. David found his first 2 caches using coordinates posted on Geocaching, The Official GPS Cache Hunt Site , one at the State Park, and the other in a shopping center parking lot in Osage Beach, six miles from camp. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity.  

Unionville, Missouri
4/12 through 6/3/2007

The Pickett Farm, first week of May 2007

It's All Water Under The Bridge

This is our third adventure to visit Bill & Stella Pickett and stay at their farm.  This year we watched as spring slowly crept into the earth, bringing the green coat of summer to the trees and grasses.  Lots of rain, one weekend had 5¼ inches with the ditch running very high just a few feet from the front door.  David enjoys the many estate & farm auctions around the area, and we both are amazed with the variety of feathered friends to be found here.  We miss the fresh vegetables of the southwest, but enjoy the company of JoEllen's parents.  We now have them packed and ready for their move west, and hope to have them as traveling partners in the future.

Unionville, Missouri, the judicial seat of Putnam County since 1853, lies 1070 feet above sea level in a scenic region of wooded hills and rolling prairies.  Unionville, first named Harmony was the fifth site to be designated county seat in attempts to keep a central location in the face of changing county boundaries.  


Courthouse in the center of Town Square

Putnam County is named for Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam (1718-90).  Putnam was a farmer who fought in the French and Indian War and was one of two principal commanders at the Battle of Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill during the Revolutionary War.  His personal bravery and leadership kept his men from firing too soon when he admonished “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.”  

Union Army guards the courthouse door


Unionville and Putnam County were pro-Union in the Civil War and saw little action although all growth halted.  Progress returned with the coming of the Burlington & Southwestern Railroad in 1873 and development of the county’s coal mining industry in the 1880’s.  The Putnam dye industry, now of Quincy, Illinois, was founded here in 1891.  Today, Unionville is a town of 2000 folks, mostly elderly, with the railroad long gone & coal mines abandoned.  There are several confined space pig farms, cattle ranching is popular.nbsp; Local business is hurting, buildings in the town square stand vacant.  This is a quite place in need of revitalization for survival.

Jeremiah, son of Elias, grandson of Jeremiah
Thompson Cemetery, Putnam County MO.


According to records kept by Aunt Sue Ross, Jeremiah Pickett was the first Pickett to reside in the county.  This is the headstone of Jeremiah's grandson, also Jeremiah.  This Jeremiah served in the military, Company L 2nd Missouri Mounted Calvary, before being married in 1861 to Nancy Herriford.  JoEllen’s ancestors have lived in this area for many generations; her family's roots grow deep in the heartland.

Leta Torrey's delicious treats!

One of our favorite activities is the Farmers Market held every Saturday morning at the fairgrounds.  We both have a weakness for pie, and there is always lots of delicious tempting treats for our tummies as well as fresh lettuce, spinach, and other vegetables in season. 
There are usually lots of vendors to choose from, but our favorite pie baker is a nice lady named Leta Torrey who bakes pies and cookies to die for. 


The Putnam County Museum is another fun adventure.  This building is packed full of interesting artifacts and heirlooms from the pioneers and residents of this area.  Furniture to clothing, glassware to handmade models of farm equipment and dollhouses, the diaries and papers detailing the history of this town and county can be found here. 

Comstock Mortuary Funeral Coach
One of the most unusual items to be found in any museum we have visited is a horse drawn, hand carved wood funeral coach.  This beautiful old coach is in nice condition after being stored for years since its retirement.  There is a story that the motorized hearse that replaced it promptly got stuck in the snow. The horses were hitched and the funeral proceeded with the old coach in service for the last time.

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