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The Great 2009 Spring MisAdventure

The Journey to Oregon - Page 2

Fawn Hollow - The MisAdventure Ranch

Westcliffe, Colorado
April 7 through April 30, 2009

     We have arrived at Fawn Hollow, arriving Tuesday afternoon. It is wonderful to be home again, even if for a short visit. Our summer employer now wants us onsite 2 days earlier than we expected. We will be leaving the ranch on April 29 to visit Denver family, then onto the Great Workamping MisAdventure in Oregon.
     We left Truth or Consequences on David's birthday traveling to Las Vegas, NM spending the night at Storrie Lake State Park. The water at the campground had not yet been turned on as it was still below freezing at nights but we survived. We left bright and early for home and arrived at our Westcliffe ranch for lunch.
     Fawn Hollow is the name of our MisAdventure Ranch. Our deer came and greated us almost as soon as we arrived here. The water well is working fine. It is still cold at nights so we must take precautions that our water lines do not freeze. It is good to be home!

     One of the hazards of spending April in the Colorado Rockies is the weather. The snow gods blessed us the morning of the 13th with 6 inches of cold, wet, frozen snow.

     The ranch is located one mile off the maintained county road, so snowfall tends to isolate us and prevent access. It's good to know that the trusty antique Polaris can navigate the frozen road. While going through the garage, David found this strange tool.


Tax Day TEA Party Protest

Cañon City, Colorado
April 15,2009

~Enough Already~

David went to Cañon City to participate in the local TEA Party held on a busy street intersection. This is the first protest that I have ever attended. I spent an hour and a half walking the sidewalks while carrying my sign and enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Only had one shout of F**K you, one shout of Obama rules (someone thinks BO is a king?), 2 thumbs down, and thousands of thumbs up along with copious amounts of horn honking. I was also filmed by the local Colorado Springs NBC crew and had 3 seconds of fame on the 5 o'clock news!

I've had enough of our legislative branch forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab for more wasteful spending instead of working together to make the tough fiscal decisions Americans are forced to make each and every day. I've had enough of seeing our hard-earned tax dollars wasted on pork-barrel spending that won't create jobs, rebuild our savings, or get our economy moving again. And I've had enough of Congress and the White House mortgaging our children and grandchildren's future by saddling them with mountains of debt destined to bankrupt our country.

The main stream media seems to ignore the millions of citizens in an uproar about the ridiculous PORKULUS spending going on. Think about it, million$, billion$, and trillion$---OH MY! With the US Government spending our dollars faster than the US Mint can print them, we must stand up against this bologna. NOW! Future generations of Americans are depending on us, we should not saddle them with this massive debt.

Ever wonder what a
looks like????

Write your Congress men and women, your Senators, your President before it is too late. Let our elected officials know how you feel. Take back our country, restore Liberty.

  • $3,600,000,000,000 Budget in 2010
  • 8.5% National Unemployment Rate
  • 8,816 Earmarks Included in Current $410,000,000,000 Spending Bill

So, how's that "hope" and "change" thing working for you???


Snowed In

April 17 through April 20,2009

     Lucky us, the snow started falling Friday and stopped falling Sunday. We had a total of 17 inches covering everything, including the access road to Fawn Hollow. The antique Polaris was once again called into duty as a snowmobile and even it struggled to get up the road in the deep stuff. Don't worry though, we had plenty of propane for heat and lots of gasoline for the generator, as well as the great company of each other. Monday we put the Mighty 350 into 4-wheel drive and made it out to the plowed road before the frozen slush and mud melted for the day and once again made our street impassable by vehicle. By Wednesday, the mud and snow had dissappeared. Once again our beautiful valley turned into a springtime paradise. We survived being stranded without killing each other!


Arizona Millionaire Raffle

April 23,2009

     The AZ Lottery had their Millionaire Raffle on Thursday. Two lucky people won $1,000,000 in this drawing. David had a ticket bought in Quartzsite for this game and when he checked his number, it came up a winner! It is not a million, only one thousand, but still not bad for a $20 ticket. Now I just need my Powerball numbers to hit sometime.

Bear Creek Lake Park

Morrison, Colorado
April 30 through May 5,2009

Bear Creek Lake Park, notice the downtown skyscrapers in the background.

     We are camped at the foot of the Rocky Mountains west of Denver, Colorado. This is a city of Lakewood park and very close to Red Rocks Park. During the concert season, filled with concert goers. Nice sites for $18 per night with power.

      Spent the time here visiting with Marcus and took a trip to Black Hawk. David did his Blackjack dealing here at the Bull Durham Casino after his telephone career. The casinos won so we will be leaving here Tuesday onto the Great Workamping MisAdventure in Oregon.

Interstate Driving

Colorado - Wyoming - Utah - Idaho
May 6 and 7, 2009

     Wallydocking. You won't find it in Webster's. Wallydocking is spending the night camped in the parking lot of a local Wal*Mart or Sam's Club. It is a little known secrect that Wal*Mart is a friend to the RV'er. After 2 days of driving into the wind, David was glad to stop for the night, not unpack or unhook, then off again in the morning.

Emmett, Idaho

May 8 and 9, 2009

     Pulled into this suburb of Boise to spend a couple of nights with friends from Q, Bill Stover and his partner JoAnn. Great people! Bill is the VP of The Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club. They are closing soon on a neat house, with a swimming pool and huge garages, and took time to show us around the new place.
     We dropped the ATV trailer here, as Oregon does not allow us to pull 2 trailers. We will return next week to pick up the ATV and return to camp. The three left coast states do not allow double towing, a hardship on some of us gypsies.



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