The Great MisAdventures of David & JoEllen Laurita

Our Fulltime RV Adventures Across America With Toby The Cat


The MisAdventure Ranch

Our Home in the Colorado Mountains

April 22 through October 6, 2008

Bambi's Come To Visit

     The deer here in our valley did not have their young until around July 1 this year. We started to catch gilmpses of tiny spotted Bambi soon thereafter. Now in August, they follow Mom around as she nibbles on the deer block and drinks the bird bath dry several times daily.

We also have these visitors once in a while, but in general most of the bucks stay out of our valley. All of these fine bucks would be trophys on anyone's wall!

Picture soon     We are still seeing bears and have identified at least six different furry visitors. This guy was looking at David as he posed for pictures about 40 feet away. One of our friends left paw prints on the back fender of the Mighty 350 as he crawled over the bed of the truck.

This is the same bear wrestling our garbage can, a heavy duty plastic haz-mat container with a screw on lid.

The Great Garage MisAdventure

     The work on the garage continues. JoEllen is painting the blocks with tar in the picture at left. Bill came by to get us started with the framing process, and neighbor Cindy gave us a hand with hanging the outside sheating. Uncle Mike, wife Linda and nephew Matt came up from Aurora to hang the rafters. We moved our storage unit onto the shelfs and still have room for the Mighty 350. We are installing the metal roof at this time.

It takes lots of hammers to build a garage.

David, Linda, Uncle Mike, Cindy and Bill take a break from hanging the trusses.

David grilling lunch for the hired help over at Evert and Lynda's place.

David busy building the power room, the solar panels will mount on the roof and the batteries and controls for electricty will be housed in the space.

The siding is in place and the garage is almost finished!

Bill and Stella needed Evert and David's help to move their trailer from the road onto the lot. The movers could not pull the hill, so Evert chained his truck up to the Volvo tractor, then David chained his truck to Everts for a train. (By the way, we were successful and the trailer is now set.)

Telluride, Colorado

A visit with our daughter Angela
September 27-28, 2008

     David and JoEllen took a mini MisAdventure the last weekend of September driving 260 miles from the ranch to Telluride, Colorado. Angela recently moved there so we thought that with the fall colors in full bloom, we should visit. A beautiful drive from Westcliffe, up the Arkansas river to Salida, over Monarch Pass, through Gunnison, Montrose, Ridgeway and into an 1880's mining town turned ski resort. We hiked up Bear Creek to the falls at the top of the valley, high above the town. Snow has already fallen here, winter is on the way. We are thrilled that Angie is back in the mountains and are sure she will enjoy her time there.

All packed up and leaving, October 6, 2008, the winter MisAdventure begins.


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David & JoEllen

Lord, let us live with joy in our hearts, knowing you will grant us strength and keep us safe in our travels.  Amen

Toby the Cat