Quartzsite, Arizona Part III
10/30/07 through 3/24/08

Daughter Angela and Kevin Visit
1/23/08 through 1/26/08

David drove to Phoenix on Wednesday to pick up the kids for a short visit. This is their first trip to the madness called Quartzsite, and they came when the heights of craziness is happening. Both are rock hounds, and enjoyed the Q.I.A. Gem and Mineral Show, as well as Desert Garden Show and Tyson Well Show.

Lots of rocks of many colors, fire opals, carved jade ships, and even a seldom seen Buffalope skull was found on our many wanderings through the acres of vendors set up in town. Many artists with their specialty for sale to be found and enjoyed as well.

No trip to Q is complete without a visit to the Reader's Oasis Book Store. Owner Paul Winer has affectionately been called a "local character" for many years, well known in town for his unusual style of dress. A sign at the entrance warns of a nudist on premises who only wears a thong. Here is the proof!


We also visited a mine on top of Dome Rock Mountain. Snow white quartz with embedded hematite chunks all around and some quartz crystals can be found here. Bill and Lynda rode the ATV's, the rest of us in the Mighty 350 for a fine desert adventure. The rain held off and the kids returned to Denver on Saturday, a wonderful visit.

The moonset Sunday morning was incredible; this picture does not come close to capturing the amazing beauty. We also had a little rain in the desert as this picture of the wash next to the 5er shows. Still, it beats snow and cold. We read of below zero temps in Westcliffe and are thankful that we can reside in a warmer place. February is here and our winter MisAdventure in Q is winding down.


Plomosa Plains Flowers
Beauty in the desert



The plant life is everywhere around us, just waiting for a little moisture to release the beauty held within. Tiny seeds and roots that have been lying dormant come alive. Every new rainfall brings out more flowers, grass, and weeds for our viewing enjoyment. We expect the cactus plants to bloom shortly as well. These pictures are courtesy of JoEllen and her long hikes into the surrounding desert environment.


GPAA Gold and Treasure Show
Phoenix, AZ  February 10, 2008

David and Bill ventured to the big city for a day of fun at the Gold Prospectors Association of America's Gold and Treasure Show. Bill's buddy Lavan from Unionville spends his winters in Apache Junction and met us there as well. Bill was pleased to meet the characters from the Outdoor Channel TV gold shows, Tom, BooCoo, Cory, Norm and others. David purchased a piece for his sluice box to make it a recirculating sluice hoping to find some more gold in this wet desert, and both David and Bill bought new gold pans as well. Both had a great time and enjoyed the many displays of gold in all shapes and sizes as well as the equipment to prospect for the shiny yellow.

Bill and Tom Massey, President of GPAA

Bill and Lavan sit and chat

Evert and Lynda left traveling north on February 11. They are planning on visiting friends in Lake Havasu before returning to Colorado.

Still more desert adventures
Items that may or may not be of interest


We are still venturing out into the desert with the ATV's. Bill and JoEllen found this road but didn't go on so Bill and David attempted to climb the mountain but turned around when the going got tuff. (The name says it all!)

The American Veterans' Traveling Tribute is also in town again this winter. This is a 4/5 replica of the Viet Nam Memorial located at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC. Please see last winters Q adventures for more on the traveling wall.


After 5 weeks of trying, David succeeded to connect the Great Mis-Adventures to space. We now have Hughes Net for internet service. This setup involves setting up a tripod with dish mounted at the top pointing to a satellite, and a modem connected to the laptop through a local area network. First modem was defective, second one could not be hooked up because of a previous account balance, third time a charm. Once again, Ebay comes through!

Toby and Friends
Pets in Quartzsite

People and their pets, you see all kinds of animals around Quartzsite. Toby must get into the middle of everything JoEllen does. He has wrapped himself into her rug hooking frame in the top left picture. Dogs out and about ride ATV's and trucks, guard the cash counter at the local hardware tent, and strut about in their sunday best.

Retired Life
Fun in Quartzsite

Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting, here is one example. The other day JoEllen and I went into town for groceries. We were only in the store for about 5 minutes. When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and said, 'Come on Officer, how about giving a senior citizen a break?' (After all, April 6th begins David's senior discounts...55 years old...SEND CASH!) He ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him a turd. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tires, so I called him a shithead. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote. Personally, we didn't care. We had walked into town, and the car had a Vote for Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on it! We try to have a little fun each day.
Thanks to Mike Ross for the funny.

March 2008
Packing to Leave Quartzsite

March brings many surprises. David's Mom, Pat had heart bypass surgery and to repair a valve so David went to Mesa Arizona for a several days to visit.

Meanwhile, back at the MisAdventures, Mom and Dad Pickett got into a small tiff. Here is a picture of Stella just before crowning Bill with a fire extinguisher, and here is Bill showing the shiner he got in the crowning. Really, Bill took a tumble out of the trailer and fell onto an ice chest and Stella was a sport and posed for the picture.

David's Mom, Pat, ended up having 2 surgeries the same day as she was bleeding and the doctors needed to reopen her chest to repair the damage. After returning home, her leg cut was not healing and she went back into the hospital for another procedure to repair the wound. She is now home recovering and we pray that no further problems will arise. David returned home Easter Sunday after another stay with his Mom.

We bid farewell to Quartzsite on Tuesday, March 25, headed north to Gold Basin near Dolan Springs, Arizona, just south of Lake Mead Recreation Area.


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