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Great MisAdventures ~ 2010 ~

Quartzsite, Arizona

December 27, 2010 through April 6, 2010


The Sonoran Desert
Our 5th winter in Quartzsite

At home in the Sonoran Desert.

     We arrived in Quartzsite this season on December 27th, leaving The Mall at Sierra Vista parking lot. Mom and Dad Pickett along with Unkle Marvin were camped and waiting for us.

Fawn Hollow, The MisAdventure Ranch
Westcliffe, Colorado

April 8, 2010 through September 8, 2010


     Leaving Quartzsite, we traveled as we seldom do, FAST! Taking only one overnight before reaching our MisAdventure Ranch for the summer. April was gentle with us this year as we only had one freeze-up and little snow.

     We are looking forward to spending this summer here at Fawn Hollow after spending last year camphosting in Oregon. Lots of things to keep us busy. David burried condiut from the battery room next to our garage up to our camping spot. Mounting our inverter at the garage along with our batteries and solar panels keep us connected to power.

     Watching our ranch wildlife is one of the great benefits of living here. The ranch is located one mile off the county road and we are the only human residents in the valley. The bears were nosing around early and had broken into a neighbor's storage scattering the stockpile of foodstuff. This kept them in the area until cleanup was completed. The bear in the above picture was trying to get to the bird seed just 3 feet from the 5th wheel trailer. We had our doe deer mothers and bambi's visit recognizing several mothers from previous stays at the ranch. Our Aberts squirrels were as numerous as ever, along with copious amount of chipmunks. This year also brought several bucks to visit.

Niece Kimberly Hitches Up
May 1st

     Mayday finds us in Canon City, Colorado for the marriage of Kimberly and Colin Aumann. Kim met Colin at her workplace, Lowe's. With Kim's cats and dog, along with Colin's dog they have an instant family. They will live in their house located in Pueblo, Colorado.

Pickett Family Reunion
June 18-20th

     JoEllen's family gets together every couple of years. Bill and Stella acted as hosts for the event this year just over the hill from our ranch. Family from Missouri, Iowa and Colorado gathered for tons of food, liberal drink, family gossip and lots of fun.

Aunt Dean, Aunt Sue, Uncle Marvin


Sengenberger Cousins Reunion
July 12th

Soon to be Nephew Paul, Grandniece Addie, Niece Julie, Brother Kevin

The Sengenberger Elders
Mom, Uncle Larry, Auntie Nancy

     We traveled to Parker, Colorado for the Sengenberger Cousins Reunion hosted by Cuz Carrie. Lot's of family gathered to share a pot luck and play catch up. Mom was visiting from Phoenix, Nancy and Tom from Georgia, and Brad and Megan flew in from Connecticut with Addie.

Nephew Brad, Grandniece Addie, Niece Megan

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

On top of the Wet Mountains looking down at the ranch

Neighbor Rose before mud bath

     Neighbors Cindy and Rose, along with Bill went riding ATV's several times with us around the Mis-Adventure Ranch area. From atop the Wet Mountains looking down at our homes, we have unobstructed views of the entire Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. David and JoEllen rounded a corner and saw a bear just off the road. Cindy and Rose will not avoid the mud holes; driving quickly and taking a mud bath whenever possible. Miles and miles left to explore for future trips.

Bill, Rose, David and Cindy with their trusty steeds


Hunting Camp
Kremmling, Colorado

September 9, 2010 through September 28, 2010


Camping in the Aspens

     After a 4 year break, we return to Hunting Camp high in the Northern Rockies above Kremmling, Colorado. Cousin Mike Mathews and Dad Pickett were waiting for us in camp at 10,000 feet.

     September in the Rockies watching summer exit and fall begin. Aspen leaf, green when we arrive, turn brilliant yellow then flutter to the ground creating a golden highway upon which to walk and drive. For us Mountain People, there really is no place like home.

     Marcus stays with us for a week. We watch our Denver Broncos on the TV thanks to DirecTV. Mike mixes a mean bloody mary using rum. Long ATV rides round out the mountain lifestyle. Toby was the only sucessful hunter, bagging 3 field mice. Life is good.


Southbound through New Mexico

September 9, 2010 through October 11, 2010

Rockhound Rainbows


Sierra Vista, Arizona

October 12, 2010 through December 27, 2010


     Once again, we decide to return to Sierra Vista, Arizona to sell pumpkins and Christmas trees for Valley View Trees.


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