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Great MisAdventures Summer 2011

Yellowstone National Park ~ Old Faithful

June 4, 2011

The Gallatin Mountain Range North of the Madison River

No, It Does NOT Say Old Gieser

     Our days off from Lions Head Campground are Friday and Saturday. We spend most of this time exploring Yellowstone and the area. This week we journey to Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin. Geologically speaking, this geyser basin is one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Over 25 percent of the world's geysers can be found here.

     Once again we are using the book A Ranger's Guide to Yellowstone Day Hikes, to guide us to another Great MisAdventure. Taking the Observation Point trail, a climb of 160 feet, we hike up to a great place to watch the giant water spout. With hundreds of people watching around Old Faithful, we are alone atop the rise enjoying the solitude and majesty of this geyser.

     In 1870, on their way home, the Washburn Expedition stumbled unknowingly onto this geyser basin. On their way down present day Craig Pass, they saw a plume of steam rising from the valley below. Of this day, Nathaniel Langford, who would later become a powerful proponent of the national park idea, wrote in his journal:
     We had within a distance of fifty miles seen what we believed to be the greatest wonders on the continent...Judge, then, of our astonishment on entering this basin, to see at no great distance before us, an immense body of sparkling water, projected suddenly and with terrific force into the air...We had found a real geyser. In the valley before us were a thousand hot springs of various sizes and character...We gave such names to those...which we saw in action as we think will best illustrate the peculiarities. The one I have just described, General Washburn has named "Old Faithful" because of the regularity of its eruption.


     The Washburn Expedition spent several days exploring this area and naming the features here. There were many to name. This is the largest concentration of geysers anywhere. Sixty percent of the world's geysers are in Yellowstone, 25 percent of them are in this one incredible square mile.

The Firehole River and the Upper Geyser Basin

     The Mighty 350 is not immune to the animals here in Yellowstone. While driving to Old Faithful, a herd of Bison decided to cross the road. A tourist from Switzerland was taking pictures of this herd and caught our iron beast amidst the native beasts. Thanks to Reto Buchli for emailing us the pictures.

     Wapiti and Tonaka are the only animals seen today. The Madison River Valley in the spring is home to hundreds of Bison and several different herds of elk. These creatures are truly at home here in Yellowstone National Park.


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